Well, what a sh*tfight….

Where has 2020 gone?

Well, the big news, in case you’ve been living in a nuclear fallout shelter, has of course been COVID-19. You know, that worldwide pandemic that the US&A ignored, killed the economies of most of Europe, and saw Australia, once again, come through looking a bunch of teenagers weer having a pillow fight.

Australia, for the most part, survived quite well. That is except Victoria which was a complete balls up.

And speaking of balls up, how about old mate BlerkyGherkin? Didn’t she get her balls put through the ringing with old Dazza, the Harvey Norman Stock Boy… I’d feel sorry for, if I cared for politics at all.

And then there was work.

Work told me in March that we had a good chance of being just stood down on pay throughout the crisis. And the boss at home told me I hadn’t think about just sitting around eating chips & drinking beer.

So, with the threat of Bunnings being shut, I went out and bought some pretty expensive power tools and a heap of timber to keep me occupied. This point has won me many a “Manliest Panic Buy of the campfire” in all but one contest (The one bloke who beat me actually bought a car to restore, thinking he’d be stood down also. Suffice to say I haven’t been camping with him again since….)

I have done some incredible trips away this year.

In July, I went with another four wheel drive club to Sundown National Park. I haven’t been to SNP since forever, like when I was a kid. This is the place they put Dad’s wobbly boots on him…. (Won’t ever forget that!)

In August, we finally went to the Nindigully Pub for a beer and one of their famous Road Train Burgers. Well, we had 4 people eating and it was waaaaaaaay too much food for us. Bartlett and Alakino got most of what was left over.

Then, in November, the boss and I took some amazing friends on a beautiful trip to K’gari (Fraser Island) with a couple night’s stay in Rainbow Beach. We also met up with Mario and Eleni, some long term friends of mine.

Suffice to say that work was busier than ever during the global pandemic and the commute (from the bedroom to the kitchen, the kitchen to the study) was a bitch. I only really got into trouble on the days when the boss at home got back from her hour long commute in the afternoons and I was still in my pajamas when she got here.

And then work wasn’t so busy. And then they ended mine and another person’s contract.

Well, that’s about a wrap for 2020, but New Year’s Eve will see us married for 15 years and we will celebrate in style. Ryan will open his fine establishment, Proof BBQ & Booze especially for the Boss and I to have a wonderful night with our immediate family and closest, long term friends.

What a way to end the year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.